Thank you for your visit!

OBJT's global website has been opened.  We have prepared a PayPal payment system for overseas payments.

With the opening of this website, I hope to share my projects with many overseas customers!

While using the site...

- Payment requests other than PayPal (general bank transfers, WISE, etc.) *Note) Even if you do not have a PayPal account, you can pay through PayPal using your credit card information. 

- If you wish to purchase in a currency other than USD,

- If you are unable to add your country to your destination

- Website errors & recommendations

- For other inquiries

Please DM or e-mail me about it. I'll solve your request one by one with all my heart. 

Thank you.

NEW_231216_Now, 'Belgium' shipping available.

At the request of customers, Belgium has been added to the delivery list!

NEW_231216_If your address contains country-specific special characters (especially Germany and Northern Europe)

If possible, please write in the English alphabet adress that can be registered for international shipping on the order form!


OBJT Official Exclusive_We are preparing to sell parts and refurbished products of several OBJT products. It will be uploaded soon.